Education, Militarism, and Community, Vol. 38:3, 2011



Gregory Shank and Stefania De Petris (coord.)

This issue of Social Justice revolves around prominent influences on public education, including corporatization, militarism, and communities mobilizing in defense of their own interests.

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Editors, Introduction: Education, Militarism, and Community [Free Download]

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Jennifer K. Simmers, The DREAM Act and Neoliberal Practice: Retrofitting Hispanic Immigrant Youth in U.S. Society

Gloria H. Cuádraz, Ethico-Political Dilemmas of a Community-based Project: Navigating the Culture of the Corporate University

Janet Page-Reeves, A Commentary on the Nexus of Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness in New Mexico

Ethan Johnson and Andraé Brown, Youth Movement: Building on the Assets of Community for School Reform

Elizabeth Currans, Mark Schuller, and Tiffany Willougby-Herard, Negotiating Treacherous Terrain: Disciplinary Power, Security Cultures, and Affective Ties in a Local Antiwar Movement

Joshua R. Klein, Toward a Cultural Criminology of War

Michael J. Lynch and Paul B. Stretesky, Native Americans, Social and Environmental Justice: Implications for Criminology

Deborah White and Janice Du Mont, Review: A Call to Galvanize a Movement to End the Oppression of Women Worldwide

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