The World Today, Vol. 23: 1-2, 1996



Pablo González Casanova and John Saxe-Fernández

Edited by Pablo González Casanova and John Saxe-Fernández, this special 375-page collection includes contributions on the world situation on every continent in the final stage of the 20th century. Given the failure of social democracy, real socialism, and the nationalism of the poor countries, the goal was not only to describe the world today, but also to identify and evaluate options and obstacles to the establishment of a humanist agenda for the 21st century.

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Pablo González Casanova and John Saxe-Fernández, Preface to ‘The World Today’

Samir Amin, The Future of Global Polarization

Ralph Miliband, The New World Order and the Left

Bogdan Denitch, Democracy and the World Order: Dilemmas and Conflicts

Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, Globalism, Neoliberalism, and Democracy

Arthur MacEwan, Globalization and Stagnation

John Saxe-Fernández, NAFTA: The Intersection of the Geopolitics and Geoeconomics of Capital

Leo Panitch, Globalization, States, and Left Strategies

Daniel Singer, Europe’s Crises

Milos Nikolic, East-Central Europe: Transition to Market Economy and Democracy

Kiva Maidanik, The Problem of ‘Alternativeness’ in Russia’s Past, Present, and Eventual Future

Mahmood Mamdani, Indirect Rule, Civil Society, and Ethnicity: The African Dilemma

Bernard Founou-Tchuigoua, The State Subregion in the Future of Africa

Fawsy Mansour, The Arab World Today

Faysal Yachir, Wither the Arabic World?

Nirmal Kumar Chandra, India in the South Asian Context

George Aseniero, Asia in the World-System

William K. Tabb, The East and the World Today

Lin Chun, Situating China

Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Japan: Beyond the ‘Lessons of Growth’

Carlos M. Vilas, Latin America and the New World Order

Atilio A. Borón, Governability and Democracy in Latin America

Peter Beilharz, Australian Laborism, Social Democracy, and Social Justice into the 1990s

Rita Maran, After the Beijing Women’s Conference: What Will Be Done?

Gail Hershatter, Emily Honig, and Lisa Rofel, Reflections on the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing and Huairou, 1995


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