Clarence Lusane



From Crisis to Congress: Assessing the Black Radical Congress

Clarence Lusane reports on a recent gathering of the Black Radical Congress at which issues of gender, sexuality, and class were given serious attention as African American leftists tried to forge a new political space between the traditional civil rights organizations and a resurgent black nationalism. If the BRC is to exist and be relevant in the 21st century, it must constitute itself as a genuine mass membership and democratic organization that can mobilize a real constituency around meaningful, winning issues in the lives of people. It must be financially self-sustaining and its leadership elected and accountable. New technologies — the Internet, video conferencing, etc. — should facilitate new models of organizing and organization, and not simply make old models operate better.

African Americans — political activity, African Americans — politicians

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 25, No. 3 (1998): 108-114