We are proud to offer custom readers for classroom use.

Here’s how it works:

If you are an educator, please browse our archive (or use the “search” box at the bottom of this page) to find articles to use as class materials. Since 1974 our journal has hosted innovative conversations among leading and emerging critical scholars on a broad range of social and political issues — from mass incarceration and the transformations of policing to the demise of welfare and the dismantling of public education; from immigration and Indigenous rights to political violence and environmental crime; from racial and gender oppression to social movements and forms of resistance. Whatever your topic, you will find thought-provoking analyses that can help your students engage critically with past and current events.

Once you’ve found the articles you are interested in, please contact us at, and we will send you (free of charge) a “desk copy” of each article in pdf format.

After perusing the articles, you can confirm with us which ones you want to see included in your reader. At that point, we will nicely package your selected articles in a single document that your students will be able to download from a dedicated page on our website, at a price of $2 per article (discounts available for big orders and disadvantaged institutions—please ask). The articles will be organized chronologically unless you request a different order.

We look forward to assisting you in educating the younger generations to a more just future.


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