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49_3_COVERVol. 49-3
Beyond Racialized Carceral Safety: Toward a Conceptualization of Black Safety
edited by Enkeshi Thom El-Amin, Shaneda Destine & Michelle Brown


Editors’ Introduction
Enkeshi Thom El-Amin, Shaneda Destine & Michelle Brown
Black Safety: Threats of Gentrification to Practices of Freedom in DC’s Go-Go Music and North Philadelphia’s Fletcher Street Riding Club
Enkeshi Thom El-Amin & Charmane M. Perry
“No One Is Disposable”: Insurgent Safety and the Black Radical Imaginary
Meghan McDowell
Beyond Carceral Safety: A Case for an Intersectional Black Safety in the Movement for Black Lives
Shaneda Destine
Forging Black Safety in the Carceral Diaspora: Perverse Criminalization, Sexual Corrections, and Connection-Making in a Death World
S.M. Rodriguez
Select Commentaries from Black in Appalachia Interviews
Enkeshi Thom El-Amin, Shaneda Destine & Michelle Brown
with Ejeris Dixon, Krystal Leaphart & Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson


Vol. 49-1/2


Eddie Ellis, Credible Messengers, and the Neoliberal Imagination of Anti-Violence
David C. Brotherton
Police Abolitionism: A Marxist Critique
Howard Ryan
Abolitionist Entanglements with Guards
Erica R. Meiners
Uncomfortable Kinship: Gang Experts and Street Outreach Workers in South Los Angeles
Daniel Gascón
The “Keys to the Kingdom”: Interest Groups, Ideologues, and Immigration Policy
Amy Risley
Social Protest as a Liberating Pedagogy of Praxis
Carlos R. Casanova, Julia Silver & Ashley Dominguez
Historical State Crime and Public Criminology as a Catalyst in the Campaign for Indigenous Recognition and Representation in Australia
Paul Bleakley

166_COVERVOL. 48-4


Universal Basic Income, Social Justice, and Marginality: A Critical Evaluation
Anthony J. Knowles
Police as Supercitizens
Brittany Arsiniega & Matthew Guariglia
Crossing the Line(s): The School of the Americas, Radical Pedagogy, and Sacrificial Activism
Ralph Armbruster Sandoval
From Fledgling Network to the Creation of an Official Division of the American Society of Criminology: The Growth of Convict Criminology 2.0
Jeffrey Ian Ross & Grant Tietjen
COMMENTARY: The Monitoring Group: Forty Years on the Frontline 
Jasbinder S. Nijjar
The Limits of Community Policing: Civilian Power and Police Accountability in Black and Brown Los Angeles, by Luis Daniel Gascón and Aaron Roussell 
Jamie Longazel
Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding US Immigration for the Twenty-First Century, by A. Naomi Paik
Douglas Peach & Rossana Diaz
IN MEMORIAM: Susanne L. Jonas, 1941–2022 

165_COVERVOL. 48-3


Entangling Intentionality: Reflections on Torture and Structure 
Ergün Cakal
Carving the Terrain of Freedom: The Multidimensionality of Youth-Focused Abolition Geography 
Kaitlyn J. Selman
Violent Symbiosis: The History of CCJ’s Role in Legitimizing Racialized Police Violence
Ryan Phillips, Brian Pitman & Stephen T. Young 

“Oscar Did Not Die in Vain”: Revelous Citizen Journalism, Righteous/Riotous Work, and the Gains of the Oscar Grant Moment in Oakland, California 
César “che” Rodríguez
Unraveling the School Punitive Web: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in the Context of the Gendered Shadow Carceral State 
Andrea Román Alfaro & Jerry Flores

164_COVERVOL. 48-2
Neoliberalism in Higher Education: Practices, Policies, and Issues
edited by Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. & Rubén O. Martinez

Editors’ Introduction
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. & Rubén O. Martinez
Changing Higher Education in the United Kingdom: Examining Three Trends through a Neoliberal Lens
Amy Perry
A Class Production: Higher Education, the Neoliberal Metrics Fetish, and the Production of Inequality/Insecurity 
Christopher G. Robbins
“Go Big or Go Home”: University Commitment to Intercollegiate Athletics in the Neoliberal Era 
Scott N. Brook, Matthew Knudtson & Isais Smith
The Future of Undocumented Students after the Trump Administration: Crisis in Neoliberalism and Possible Outcomes for Undocumented Students 
Edwin Elias
The Multiple Strands of Neoliberalism in Higher Education’s Transformation 
Janice Newson
Has Campus Branding Become Higher Education’s Version of Fake News? 
Frank A. Fear
The Death of Critical Thinking at Neoliberal U 
Nathan Rousseau

163_COVERVOL. 48-1


Police Abolition as Community Struggle against State Violence
Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land & Kevin Walby
What Works and What Doesn’t When Policing People with Mental Health Issues
Jerry Flores & Joyce Chua
On the Outs: Global Capitalism and Transcarceration
Oscar Fabian Soto
Keeping Kids for Profit: A Cautionary Tale of Public Service Corruption and “Slumcare” within the Expanding Juvenile Crime Control Industry
Kenneth A. Cruz
Commentary: Political Violence and Behavioral Economics
Vincenzo Ruggiero

161_COVERVOL. 47-3/4
A Critical Theory of Police Power in the Twenty-First Century
edited by Mark Neocleous and the Anti-security Collective

Introduction to the Special Issue: A Critical Theory of Police Power in the Twenty-First Century
Anti-security Collective
“Original, Absolute, Indefeasible”: Or, What We Talk about When We Talk about Police Power
Mark Neocleous

“The Dream of State Power”: Accumulation, Coercion, Police
Guillermina Seri
The Prose of Pacification: Critical Theory, Police Power, and Abolition Socialism
Brendan McQuade
No Chance: The Secret of Police, or the Violence of Discretion
Tyler Wall and Travis Linnemann
Police Power and Disorder: Understanding Policing in the Twenty-First Century
Will Jackson
Policing Race and Racing Police: The Origin of US Police in Slave Patrols
Ben Brucato
Police Power in the Aftermath of Black Lives Matter
Zhandarka Kurti
Comment: The Fabrication of a New Social Order
George S. Rigakos
Book Review Essay
Reorganized Violence
Patrick DeDauw
Book Review
Sara Benson, The Prison of Democracy: Race, Leavenworth, and the Culture of Law
Ernest K. Chavez

159_COVERVol. 47:1/2 (2020)

In the Sites of Operation Condor:
Memory and Afterlives of Clandestine Detention Centers
Michael Welch

Rounding Up the Undesirables: The Making of a Prostitution-Targeted Loitering Law in New York City
Karen Struening

Social Movements in Juvenile Prisons: An Investigation
Alexandra L. Cox

Exhausting People, Extracting Revenue: Police, Prisons, and Counterinsurgency
Matthew Byrne

The Stench of Canteen Culture: Cop Culture and the Case of Federico Aldrovandi
Vincenzo Scalia

“No había humanidad”: Critiquing English Monolingualism and Other Entwined Systems of White Supremacy in Local Emergency Management Responses
Catalina M. de Onís, Emilia Cubelos, and Maria del Rocio Ortiz Chavarria

Perceptions of Justice among GuatemalanMayans and Latinos of South Florida:
A Call for Further Study of Procedural Justice in Minority Communities
Belén Lowrey-Kinberg, Maya P. Barak, and Hillary Mellinger

Judge Learned Hand’s Haunting: The Psychological Consequences of Wrongful Conviction
Gemma Johnson and David W. Engstrom

Review of Tony Platt, Beyond These Walls: Rethinking Crime and Punishment in the United States
Michelle Brown, Craig Gilmore, David Stein, Valeria Vegh Weis,
and Tony Platt

Review of Martha E. Giménez, Marx, Women, and Capitalist Social Reproduction:
Marxist Feminist Essays
Mako Fitts Ward

• • •


46:4 (2019) Punishment and History

Editor’s Introduction: Punishment and History
Ashley T. Rubin

Expansion, Crisis, and Transformation: Changing Economies of Punishment in England, 1780–1850
J.M. Moore

The Same Old Arguments: Tropes of Race and Class in the History of Prostitution from the Progressive Era to the Present
Terry G. Lilley, Chrysanthi S. Leon, and Anne E. Bowler

Marked Men: Masculinity, Mobility, and Convict Tattoos, 1919–1940
Alex Tepperman

Governors and Prisoners: The Death of Clemency and the Making of Life Sentences without Release in Pennsylvania
Christopher Seeds

Policing the People’s University: The Precarity of Sanctuary in the California State University System
Akhila L. Ananth and Priscilla Leiva

Passive Revolution and the Movement against Mass Incarceration: From Prison Abolition to Redemption Script
William I. Robinson and Oscar Fabian Soto

Review of Robert J. Duran, The Gang Paradox: Inequalities and Miracles on the US-Mexico Border
Amy A. Martinez

Review of David Correia and Tyler Wall, Policing: A Field Guide
Jarrod Shanahan

• • •

156_COVER_F_246:2/3 (2019) Policing the Protest Cycle of the 2010s

• • •

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 3.37.07 PM46:1 (2019) Unsettling Debates: Women and Peace Making

Editors’ Introduction
Suzy Kim, Gwyn Kirk, and M. Brinton Lykes

Cascading Movements for Peace: From Women Strike for Peace to UNSCR 1325
Cora Weiss

Why Women?
Gwyn Kirk

Nationizing Coalition and Solidarity Politics for US Antimilitarist Feminists
Margo Okazawa-Rey

Accompanying Maya Women: Armed Resistance and Transitional Justice Struggles
M. Brinton Lykes

Beyond Cold War Women: The Peace versus Freedom Debate Revisited
Suzy Kim

Women Making Peace in Korea: The DMZ Ecofeminist Farm Project
Ahn-Kim JeongAe

Peace, Praxis, and Women Farmers in China
Tani Barlow

A Lot Like War: Petrocapitalism, “Slow Violence,” and the Struggle for Environmental Justice
Rebecca O. Johnson

Suzy Kim, Gwyn Kirk, and M. Brinton Lykes

• • •

154_COVER45:4 (2018) Penal Abolition: Challenging Boundaries

Editors’ Introduction
Michael J. Coyle & Judah Schept

Against Punishment: Centering Work, Wages, and Uneven Development in Mapping the Carceral State
Brett Story & Judah Schept

On (In)justice:Undisciplined Abolitionism in Canada
Nicolas Carrier & Justin Piché

The Role of Peacemaking in Penal Abolition
Hal Pepinsky

Who Is Mired in Utopia? The Logics of Criminal Justice and Penal Abolition
Michael J. Coyle

We Are All Criminals: The Abolitionist Potential of Remembering
Denise Woodall

Abolitionist Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University: Notes on Trauma-Informed Practice, Collaboration, and Confronting the Impossible
Ardath Whynacht, Emily Arsenault & Rachael Cooney

• • •


45:2/3 (2018)

Histories of Abolition, Critiques of Security
Brendan McQuade

Rebranding Mass Incarceration: The Lippman Commission
and Carceral Devolution in New York City
Zhandarka Kurti & Jarrod Shanahan

Reproducing Disorder: The Effects of Broken Windows Policing on Homeless People with Mental Illness in San Francisco, by Tony Sparks

You Have the Right to Remain Violent: Police Academy Curricula
and the Facilitation of Police Overreach
Caitlin Lynch

“Do We Really Want to Go Down That Path?”: Abandoning Appalachia
and the Elk River Chemical Spill
Stephen Young

How Employers Steal from Employees: The Untold Story
Steven Bittle & Laureen Snider

Commentary: Echoes of Empire: Excavating the Colonial Roots of Britain’s “War on Gangs”
Jasbinder S. Nijjar

Review Symposium: Meth Wars: Police, Media, Power, by Travis Linnemann
Tammy Ayres, Eamonn Carrabine, Phil Carney, Bill McClanahan
& Travis Linnemann

Review of Sarah Haley, No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity
Viviane Saleh-Hanna

Review of Marian E. Schlotterbeck, Beyond the Vanguard: Everyday Revolutionaries
in Allende’s Chile
J. Patrice McSherry

Review of Alexandra Cox, Trapped in a Vice: The Consequences of Confinement
for Young People
Julissa O. Muñiz & Erica R. Meiners

• • •

151_COVER_SM45:1 (2018) Emancipatory Justice: Confronting the Carceral State

Editor’s Introduction, by Michael Hallett 

Confronting Felony Disenfranchisement: Toward a Movement for Full Citizenship,
by Marc Mauer

Confronting the Disabling Effects of Imprisonment: Toward Prehabilitation, by Diana Johns

Confronting Gendered Pathways to Incarceration: Considerations for Reentry Programming, by Jennifer K. Wesely & Susan C. Dewey

Confronting Immigration Enforcement under Trump: A Reign of Terror for Immigrant Communities, by Judith Greene

Confronting Christian Penal Charity: Neoliberalism and the Rebirth of Religious Penitentiaries, by Michael Hallett

Book Reviews 

Allison McKim, Addicted to Rehab: Race, Gender, and Drugs in the Era of Mass Incarceration
Reviewed by Kaitlyn J. Selman

Alex S. Vitale, The End of Policing
Reviewed by Micol Seigel

• • •

44:4 (2017)

Colin SamsonThe Idea of Progress, Industrialization, and the Replacement of Indigenous Peoples: The Muskrat Falls Megadam Boondoggle
Mark Jay & Virginia LeavellMaterial Conditions of Detroit’s Great Rebellion
Katja Weber & Allison StanfordMyanmar: Promoting Reconciliation between the Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists of Rakhine State
Asafa JalataThe Oromo Movement: The Effects of State Terrorism and Globalization in Oromia and Ethiopia
Vincenzo RuggieroThe Economic Field and the End of Mass Incarceration
Beenash JafriIntellectuals Outside the Academy: Conversations with Leanne Simpson, Steven Salaita, and Alexis Pauline Gumbs
REVIEW SYMPOSIUM: Executing Freedom: The Cultural Life of Capital Punishment in the United States, by Daniel LaChance
Contributors: Lisa Miller, Jonathan Simon, Paul Kaplan, Mona Lynch, Patricia Ewick & Daniel LaChance 

44:2–3 (2017) Neoliberal Confinements: Social Suffering in the Carceral State

Alessandro De Giorgi & Benjamin Fleury-SteinerIntroduction: Neoliberal Confinements: Social Suffering in the Carceral State
Jordan T. Camp, The Bombs Explode at Home: Policing, Prisons, and Permanent War
Lisa Guenther, Prison Beds and Compensated Man-Days: The Spatio-Temporal Order
of Carceral Neoliberalism

Spencer Headworth & Shaun Ossei-Owusu, The Accused Poor
Sarah Whetstone & Teresa Gowan, Carceral Rehab as Fuzzy Penality: Hybrid Technologies of Control in the New Temperance Crusade
Melissa Archer, Gentrification and Resistance: Racial Projects in the Neoliberal Order
Tanya Golash-Boza, Structural Racism, Criminalization and Pathways to Deportation for Dominican and Jamaican Men in the United States
Participants: Jordan T. Camp, Kanishka Goonewardena, Christina Heatherton, Jack Norton, Annie Spencer & Brett Story
Participants: Michelle Brown, Alessandro De Giorgi, Keramet Reiter & Judah Schept

44:1 (2017) Ethnographic Explorations of Punishment and the Governance of Security

Robert Werth & Andrea Ballestero, Ethnography and the Governance of Il/legality: Some Methodological and Analytical Reflections
Kaya Naomi Williams, Public, Safety, Risk
Randy Myers, “I Accept that I Have Nobody”: Young Women, Youth Justice and Expectations of Responsibility during Reentry
Alessandro De Giorgi, Back to Nothing: Prisoner Reentry and Neoliberal Neglect
Jessica Cooper, Trapped: The Limits of Care in California’s Mental Health Courts
Sarah TurnbullImmigration Detention and the Racialized Governance of Illegality in the
United Kingdom
William Garriott, Afterword: Why Ethnography?

43:4 (2016)

Eric Madfis & Jeffrey Cohen, Critical Criminologies of the Present and Future: Left Realism, Left Idealism, and What’s Left In Between
Azar Masoumi, (Stop) Deporting Pegah: Sovereignty, (Public) Sex, and (Life)/Death
Susan A. Phillips, Rewriting Torture: Manufacturing a Primer of Abuse in US Domestic Prisons
Steven Loyal & Stephen Quilley, Categories of State Control: Asylum Seekers and the Direct Provision and Dispersal System in Ireland
Francisco Diaz Casique, Steven Czifra, Mariposa McCall, Franklin E. Zimring, Keramet Reiter, Review Symposium on 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement
Justin Piché, Review of Phil Goodman, Joshua Page & Michelle Phelps, Breaking the Pendulum: The Long Struggle over Criminal Justice

43:3 (2016)

William I. Robinson, Global Capitalism and the Restructuring of Education: The Transnational Capitalist Class’ Quest to Suppress Critical Thinking
Wendy Wright, Finding a Home in the Stop-and-Frisk Regime
Juan Marcellus Tauri, Indigenous Peoples and the Globalization of Restorative Justice
Ursula M. Baer, Switzerland’s Apology for Compulsory Government-Welfare Measures: A Social Justice Turn?
Ragnhild Utheim, The Case for Higher Education in Prison: Working Notes on Pedagogy, Purpose, and Preserving Democracy
Sarah Haley, Toussaint Losier, Waldo Martin, and Dan BergerReview Symposium on Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era, by Dan Berger
Don MitchellReview of Jordan T. Camp, Incarcerating the Crisis: Freedom Struggles and the Rise of the Neoliberal State

43:2 (2016) 

Dawn Rothe and Victoria E. Collins, The Spectacle, Neoliberalism, and the Socially Dead
Ernest Kikuta Chavez, My Brother’s Keeper: Mass Death in the Carceral State
Andrew Crosby and Jeffrey MonaghanSettler Colonialism and the Policing of Idle No More
Gene GrabinerWho Polices the Police?
Steve Martinot, Due Process and the Reconstruction of Democracy
Alessandro De GiorgiReview of Dario Melossi, Crime, Punishment & Migration
Peter Hanink, Review of Naomi Murakawa, First Civil Right

43:1 (2016)

Renee Byrd, “Punishment’s Twin”: Theorizing Prisoner Reentry for a Politics of Abolition
Paul Kaplan and Jackson Dunn, The Problem of Explanation: Understanding the Scandal of Judicial Override in Capital Cases
Ruth Needleman, Brazil: Recognizing the Right to Self-Determination for African-Descendants
Bernard Headley and Dragon Milovanovic, Rights and Reintegrating Deported Migrants for National Development: The Jamaican Model
Daniel Patten, The Mass Incarceration of Nations and the Global War on Drugs: Making Comparisons between the United States Domestic and Foreign Drug Policies
Steven Volk, Review: The Political Power of Music in Chile’s Popular Unity Period
Susanne Jonas, Celebrating Nancy Stein Frappier: A Lifetime for Social Justice and Human Kindness
Jon Frappier, A Celebration of Nancy Stein
Editors, Abstracts

42:3-4 (2015) Mexican and Chicanx Social Movements

Maylei Blackwell & Edward J. McCaughan, Editors’ Introduction: New Dimensions in the Scholarship and Practice of Mexican and Chicanx Social Movements
Devra Anne Weber, “Different Plans”: Indigenous Pasts, the Partido Liberal Mexicano, and Questions about Reframing Binational Social Movements of the 20th Century
Colin Gunckel, Building a Movement and Constructing Community: Photography, the United Farm Workers and El Malcriado
Juan Herrera, Spatializing Chicano Power: Cartographic Memory and Community Practices of Care
Olga Talamante, De Campesina a Internacionalista (From Farmworker Girl to Internationalist): Encuentros y Desencuentros
Gisela Espinosa Damián, The Fruitful and Conflictive Relationship between Feminist Movements and the Mexican Left
Edward J. McCaughan, Art, Identity, and Mexico’s Gay Movement
María de la Luz Arriaga Lemus, The Mexican Teachers’ Movement: 30 Years of Struggle for Union Democracy and the Defense of Public Education
Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, From Hometown Clubs to Transnational Social Movement: The Evolution of Oaxacan Migrant Associations in California
Maylei Blackwell, Geographies of Difference: Transborder Organizing and Indigenous Women’s Activism
Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo, Social Justice and Feminist Activism: Writing as an Instrument of Collective Reflection in Prison Spaces
Maurice Rafael Magaña, From the Barrio to the Barricades: Grafiteros, Punks, and the Remapping of Urban Space
Juan D. Ochoa, Shine Bright Like a Migrant: Julio Salgado’s Digital Art and Its Use of Jotería
Michelle Téllez, Arizona: A Reflection and Conversation on the Migrant Rights Movement, 2015
Mariana Favela, Redrawing Power: #YoSoy132 and Overflowing Insurgencies
Alejandro Alvarez Béjar, Global Economic Crisis and Social Movements in Mexico and North America

42:2 (2015) Beyond Mass Incarceration

Editor’s Introduction
Alessandro De Giorgi, Five Theses on Mass Incarceration

Marie Gottschalk, Razing the Carceral State

Noah De Lissovoy, Injury and Accumulation: Making Sense of the Punishing State

Justin Piché, Assessing the Boundaries of ‘Public Criminology’: On the Pitfalls of Reformist, Elite-Oriented Engagement and Discipline Justification

Abby Deshman & Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Advocacy and Academia: Considering Strategies of Cooperative Engagement

Lisa Wright, Dawn Moore & Vincent Kazmierski, Policing Carceral Boundaries: Access to Information and Research with Prisoners

Shoshana Pollack & Tiina Eldridge, Complicity and Redemption: The Boundaries of Scholarly Gazing
Simone Weil Davis & Bruce Michaels, “Ripping Off Some Room for People to Breathe”: “Peer to Peer” Education in Prison
Leonidas Cheliotis, Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Mona Lynch, Rebecca McLennan, Tony Platt & Jonathan SimonBook Review Symposium: Jonathan Simon, Mass Incarceration on Trial
Alessandro De GiorgiBook Review: Hadar Aviram, Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment

42:1 (2015)

Gregory Shank, Anatomy of a Done Deal: The Fight over the Iran Nuclear Accord
Ronnie Lippens, Absolutely Sovereign Victims: Rethinking the Victim Movement
Jason Vick, “Putting Cruelty First”: Liberal Penal Reform and the Rise of the Carceral State
William Calathes & Matthew G. Yeager, Sweetheart Settlements, the Financial Crisis, and Impunity: A Case Study of SEC v. Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
Sheryl J. Croft, Mari Ann Roberts & Vera L. Stenhouse, The Perfect Storm of Education Reform: High-Stakes Testing and Teacher Evaluation
Jaime Osorio, Dialectics, Superexploitation, and Dependency: Notes on The Dialectics of Dependency
Alejandro Álvarez Bejar, Tribute to Alonso Aguilar Monteverde: Ten Key Policies for Understanding the Neoliberal Transformation of Mexican Capitalism
Emilia Carlevaro, interviewed by Margaret Randall, Uruguay: A Woman Remembers
Gene Grabiner, All Eyes Are upon Us
Colin Gunckel, Review of McCaughan, Art and Social Movements
Editors, Abstracts

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