Deaths in Custody and Detention, Vol. 33: 4, 2006


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Jude McCulloch and Phil Scraton, eds.

This is a special issue on the investigation of, and inquiry into, deaths in custody and detention (including state hospitals and mental health, police and prison custody, and young offenders’ institutions). The volume sets out to consider how advanced democratic states inquire into and investigate deaths in controversial circumstances. Also considered are the deadly force and exceptional incarceration policies associated with the “war on terror” waged by the United States and UK. Articles and essays cover the UK, Ireland, the United States (including, Guantanamo), and Australia and mix academic pieces with accounts from prisoners and campaigners.

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Jude McCulloch and Phil Scraton, Introduction: Deaths in Custody and Detention [Free Download]

Bree Carlton, From H Division to Abu Ghraib: Regimes of Justification and the Historical Proliferation of State-Inflicted Terror and Violence in Maximum-Security

Chris Cunneen, Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: A Continuing Systematic Abuse

Barry Goldson, Fatal Injustice: Rampant Punitiveness, Child-Prisoner Deaths, and Institutionalized Denial — A Case for Comprehensive Independent Inquiry in England and Wales

Paul Howard, The Long Kesh Hunger Strikers: 25 Years Later

Jude McCulloch and Vicki Sentas, The Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes: Hyper-Militarism in the Neoliberal Economic Free Fire Zone

Craig W.J. Minogue, Then and Now, Us and Them: A Historical Reflection on Deaths in and out of Custody

Phil Scraton, ‘They’d all love me dead…’: The Investigation, Inquest, and Implications of the Death of Annie Kelly

Deb Coles and Helen Shaw, Comment: Deaths in Custody-Truth, Justice and Accountability? The Work of INQUEST

Nick Moss, Comment: Racism and Custody Deaths in the U.K.: The Zahid Mubarek Inquiry

Rita Maran, Detention and Torture in Guantanamo

Steve J. Martin, Staff Use of Force in U.S. Confinement Settings: Lawful Control Tactics Versus Corporal Punishment

Bree Carlton, Review of Intractable: Hell Has a Name, Life Inside Australia’s First Super-Max Prison

Anna Eriksson, Review of Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Bill Rolston, Review of Bobby Sands: Nothing but an Unfinished Song

Mumia Abu Jamal, Review of O’Hearn’s Work on Bobby Sands, Unfinished Song

Tony Platt, The Prison Fix: Review of Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California

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