Immigration Rights and National Insecurity, Vol. 33: 1, 2006


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Gregory Shank, ed.

This issue features essays on the future implications of the great immigration battle of 2006, the deportation phenomenon in Europe and the Caribbean, pro-immigrant social movements, and the relationship of the war on drugs to the control of immigrant communities. Other contributions address current debates on the militarization of the public sphere, indefensible practices such as torture and state terror, and analytic approaches to crimes of the state and the powerful in the context of the globalization of social problems.

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Gregory Shank, Overview: Immigration Rights and National Insecurity [Free Download]

Susanne Jonas, Reflections on the Great Immigration Battle of 2006 and the Future of the Americas

William Walters, No Border; Games With(out) Frontiers

Bernard D. Headley, Giving Critical Content to the Deportee Phenomenon

Margo Pepper, Poetry: Who Owes Whom?

Todd Gordon, The Canadian State and the War on Drugs

Christie Sennott and John Galliher, Lifetime Felony Disenfranchisement in Florida, Texas, and Iowa: Symbolic and Instrumental Law

Torin Monahan, Securing the Homeland: Torture, Preparedness, and the Right to Let Die

Olga Talamante, interviewed by Suzie Dod Thomas, Dirty Wars: On the Unacceptability of Torture — A Conversation

Robert P. Weiss, The American Culture of Torture: A Review Essay

Donald Gutierrez, Review of Gareau, The United States and State Terrorism

Dawn L. Rothe and David O. Friedrichs, The State of the Criminology of Crimes of the State

Simon Mackenzie, Systematic Crimes of the Powerful: Criminal Aspects of the Global Economy

Tony Platt, In and out of the Shadow of the Holocaust

Elizabeth Martínez, Elect, Select, Reflect

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