Joel Beinin



Palestine and Israel: Perils of a Neoliberal Repressive Pax Americana

Joel Beinen shows why a neoliberal peace is so problematic. The original impetus for the Middle East “peace process” grew out of exhaustion with the intifada in the Occupied Territories and the hope that a new flow of foreign investment into Israel and the region might foster economic growth and prosperity. A rising tide would “lift all ships” and, some hoped, the new environment of opportunities would weaken the territorial demands of the Jewish Right and Palestinian Left. Yet the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the defeat of Shimon Peres meant that this always tenuous hope for a neoliberal peace came to rest on the shoulders of Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Knesset coalition continues, at this writing, to hang by a revanchist thread. Whatever the future brings will not likely make anyone happy.

Israel — foreign relations — Palestinian Arabs, Israel — foreign relations — United States, Israel — politics and government, Palestine liberation organization, Palestinian Arabs — foreign relations — Israel, United States — foreign relations — Israel

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 25, No. 4 (1998): 20-39