John Brown Childs



The New Youth Peace Movement: Creating Broad Strategies for Community Renaissance in the United States

For Civil Rights Movement veteran John Brown Childs, the Youth Peace Movement of the late 1990s was an important community-based development that constructively engaged the dilemmas of violence, economic marginalization, and social despair in the inner cities. With its wide-ranging Transcommunal approach, the movement pulled together many different allies at the grass-roots level. Community-based linkages among groups and populations that maintain their own distinctive perspectives and positions, while avoiding racial-ethnic-institutional isolation, exist in many diverse, highly active forms. As we become increasingly confronted by massive structures of inequality and subordination, such broad, yet rooted, social justice strategies are essential.

grass-roots organizing; Latinas-Latinos; peace movement; violence; youth and politics; youth movement

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 24, No. 4 (1997): 247-257