Race, Racism, and Empire: Reflections on Canada, Vol. 32: 4, 2005



Enakshi Dua, Narda Razack, and Jody Nyasha, eds.

This special issue of Social Justice, guest edited by Enakshi Dua, Narda Razack, and Jody Nyasha, focuses attention on the unique manner in which race, racism, and empire are articulated in the Canadian context. Currents in Canadian critical race scholarship include theorizing the relationship between race, racism, anti-racism and empire; exploring transnational processes in the construction of “race” and racism; and reflecting on the re-articulation of “race” and racism in Canada in the post-September 11 period as it has been shaped by local and transnational forces. Articles point to Canada’s involvement in post-September 11 militarization, framed in terms of a “clash of civilizations.” Other essays uncover the way in which the construction of Canada as a national space, with an attendant national identity, has been tied to a transnational discourse of whiteness, as well as the ways in which transnational processes shape diasporic identities.

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Enakshi Dua, Narda Razack, and Jody Nyasha Warner, Introduction: Race, Racism, and Empire — Reflections on Canada [Free Downloads]

Sherene H. Razack, Geopolitics, Culture Clash, and Gender After September 11

Sedef Arat-Koc, The Disciplinary Boundaries of Canadian Identity After September 11: Civilizational Identity, Multiculturalism, and the Challenge of Anti-Imperialist Feminism

Yasmin Jiwani, The Great White North Encounters September 11: Race, Gender, and Nation in Canada’s National Daily, The Globe and Mail

Andil Gosine, Dying Planet, Deadly People: ‘Race’-Sex Anxieties and Alternative Globalizations

Narda Razack, ‘Bodies on the Move’: Spatialized Locations, Identities, and Nationality in International Work

Kiran Mirchandani, Gender Eclipsed? Racial Hierarchies in Transnational Call Center Work

Bonita Lawrence and Enakshi Dua, Decolonizing Antiracism

Himani Bannerji, Building from Marx: Reflections on Class and Race

Gordon Pon, Antiracism in the Cosmopolis: Race, Class, and Gender in the Lives of Elite Chinese Canadian Women

Jody Nyasha Warner, Africa in Canadian Academic Libraries: A Continent’s Voices Go Missing

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