Sangeeta Kamat and Biju Mathew



Mapping Political Violence in a Globalized World: The Case of Hindu Nationalism

Kamat and Mathew uncover the local and global ramifications of a movement in India that combines caste, faith, and culture to impose its nationalistic agenda. They do this by analyzing the mass murder committed in Gujarat in 2002 by alleged Hindu mobs. The attempted ethnic cleansing against those considered enemies of the Hindu “race” is part of a longstanding ideological effort in India that has recently branched out to Indian communities abroad, in particular those in the United States and England. The authors suggest that an analysis of political violence should take into account the transnational and global relations by which dominating ideologies are reproduced and sustained.

Hinduism, nationalism, minority and ethnic violence, ideology, mass murders, culture, India

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 30, No. 3 (2003): 4-16