Tracy Fisher



Race, Neoliberalism, and “Welfare Reform” in Britain

Despite the return of a Labour government, in the post-Thatcher years New Labour’s neoliberal approach to welfare reform strongly embraces privatization while reinforcing racial-ethnic, gendered, and class inequalities. Community-based organizations in Britain struggle to exist in the aftermath of Thatcherism and try to survive within the context of Thatcherite-like policies and a waning welfare state. Within this context, some community-based organizations have played a valuable role as service providers by meeting the needs of poor, low-income, “ethnic minority” communities and by enabling those who seek services to become more politically aware and knowledgeable.

race, intersectionality, women, neoliberalism, welfare state, Britain, community-based organizations

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 33, No. 3 (2006): 54-65