Attica: 1971–1991 — A Commemorative Issue (Vol. 18-3)





On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Attica rebellion, we are offering free access to a seminal interview with Michel Foucault following his visit to the prison (follow link in the table of contents below). Our classic 1991 commemorative issue, now available in digital format, provides a retrospective on the Attica rebellion, an assessment of prisoner struggles in the United States, Canada, England and Wales, and Japan since 1971, and thoughts on a new penology for the 1990s. It is of enduring historical value.


Attica: The “Bitter Lessons” Forgotten?
Robert P. Weiss, Editor

Twenty Years Later—Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cleared for Trial
Michael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham, and Elizabeth M. Fink

Michel Foucault on Attica: An Interview

John K. Simon [free pdf download]

“The Order of Attica”

Robert P. Weiss

Popular Cultural Images of Criminals and Prisoners since Attica

Vicky Munro-Bjorklund

“These Criminals Have No Respect for Human Life”

David Gilbert

Guest Editor’s Interview

Robert Weiss

Political Prisoners in the United States: The Hidden Reality

Michael E. Deutsch and Jan Susler

“We Are Not Animals, We Are Human Beings”: Prisons, Protest, and Politics in England and Wales, 1969-1990

Joe Sim

Prisons and Protest in Canada

John Lowman and Brian MacLean

Managing Prisoners in Japan: “Attica” Is Not Probable

Elmer H. Johnson

Women in Prison: The Conflict between Confinement and Parental Rights

Adela Beckerman

Creating Choices or Repeating History: Canadian Female Offenders and Correctional Reform

Kelly (Hannah) Moffat

Constitutive Penology

Dragan Milovanovic and Stuart Henry

Review Essay on
Prisons under Protest
Tony Ward

A Heartless Anatomy of Five Prison Riots

Martin B. Miller

Rethinking Abolitionism: “What Do We Do with Henry?” Review of de Haan,
The Politics of Redress
Jim Thomas and Sharon Boehlefeld

Seven Long Times
Piri Thomas

Snapshots of Monroe Reformatory

Joanne Clark


Donald Zaremba

A Bright Spot in the Yard

Jerome Washington


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