Edward J. McCaughan



Notes on Mexican Art, Social Movements, and Anzaldúa’s “Conocimiento”

McCaughan describes the work of several contemporary Mexican artists associated with social movements: Eloy Tarcisio, Francisco Toledo, Luis Zárate, Nicéforo Urbieta, and Marcela Vera. The author suggests that their role as social change agents is not well understood or appreciated by most scholars of social movements. Framing his analysis with Gloria Anzaldúa’s concept of conocimiento, McCaughan argues that the work of these artists is, in one form or another, about the recovery and recreation of social memory and historical systems of thought and knowledge within contemporary conditions. And therein lay their contributions to movements for social change.

art, social movements, Mexico, Zapotec movement, 1968 student movement

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 33, No. 2 (2006): 153-164