Ernest Morrell and Anthony M. Collatos




Toward a Critical Teacher Education: High School Student Sociologists as Teacher Educators

Morrell and Collatos describe an innovative teacher education program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in which urban high school students of color trained pre-service teachers. The students took UCLA summer courses and participated in research projects in the sociology of education. Then, along with teacher education faculty, they helped to train pre-service teachers by giving guest lectures, presenting their research findings, and participating in critical dialogue. This reversal of the traditional teacher-student relationship provides a way to develop pedagogy and curricula rooted in diversity and real-life issues of social justice as understood from the perspective of urban students of color.

youth, high school students, teacher educators, new pedagogy, education — United States, teachers — teaching education

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, No. 4 (2002): 60-70