Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Postmodern Discourses, Vol. 26: 1, 1999


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Gregory Shank (coord.)

Three themes stand out in this issue of Social Justice. The first is human rights violations as they apply within the U.S., in NATO’s war in Kosovo, in Tibet, and vis-à-vis girl children and young women worldwide. The second centers on the contest over gender issues in social policy: the Christian Right’s use of bible devotionals to promote an agenda that opposes women’s reproductive rights, women’s entry into the work force, and women’s alternative lifestyle arrangements; the criminalization of mothers (mostly African American) for drug use; and legislative approaches to controlling hate crimes and reducing the incidence of certain male sex crimes by chemical castration. The final contributions expand on postmodern and chaos-theory research as it applies to conflict resolution and the confinement of the mentally ill.

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Editors, Overview of Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Postmodern Discourses [Free Download]

Gregory Shank, Commentary: Not a Just War, Just a War — NATO’s Humanitarian Bombing Mission

Rita Maran, International Human Rights in the U.S.: A Critique

Aaron Dhir, Tibetan Self-Determination and Human Rights: A Conversation with Eva Herzer, International Committee for Lawyers for Tibet

Saliwe Kawewe and Robert Dibie, United Nations and the Problem of Women and Children Abuse in Third World Nations

Hedy Red Dexter and J.M. Lagrander, Bible Devotionals Justify Traditional Gender Roles: A Political Agenda That Affects Social Policy

Enid Logan, The Wrong Race, Committing Crime, Doing Drugs, and Maladjusted for Motherhood: The Nation’s Fury over ‘Crack Babies’

Christopher Meisenkothen, Chemical Castration — Breaking the Cycle of Paraphiliac Recidivism

Jana Bufkin, Bias Crime as Gendered Behavior

Bruce A. Arrigo and Christopher R. Williams, Chaos Theory and the Social Control Thesis: A Post-Foucauldian Analysis of Mental Illness and Involuntary Civil Confinement

Robert Carl Schehr and Dragan Milovanovic, Conflict Mediation and the Postmodern: Chaos, Catastrophe, and Psychoanalytic Semiotics

Arif Dirlik, Reflections on Postmodernity: Streetlife China

Anthony M. Platt, Humans Among Stone: New Books on Prisons, Race, and Crime

Norma Stoltz Chincilla, The Search for Alternatives to Neoliberalism in Latin America: Debates Among Left Liberals, Orthodox Socialists, and Renovative Socialists

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