Ilaria Salvadori




A Dragon in the Neighborhood: City Planning with Children in Milan, Italy

Ilaria Salvadori describes an Italian project that was part of an international UNICEF-sponsored research program to engage children in planning activities to improve their environments. The author records and analyzes how children in one district in Milan became involved in traffic-flow design when a new freeway was planned near their school. These children, who formerly had little knowledge of their own neighborhood, worked with architects experienced in environmental education to research their issues, create maps and models of local streets, and present their findings to the community and the mayor. The dialogue between the children and the public administration over the children’s plans is ongoing.

children, city improvement, community projects, Italy, maps, roads [includes freeways, highways and streets], space, geographical, urban planning

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 24, No. 3 (1997): 192-202


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