Michael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham, and Elizabeth M. Fink



Twenty Years Later—Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cleared for Trial

Attorneys for the Attica Brothers provide an account of the uprising and its suppression that has been largely hidden. The Attica civil rights case went on trial almost 20 years to the day after the world was shocked by the unparalleled use of excessive force and barbaric brutality against prisoners seeking humane treatment. Many lies, distortions, and cover-ups have obfuscated the true story of Attica. Even after the state police and guards shot their own people, they announced that hostages had been killed by prisoners slitting their throats. Stories of inmate atrocities were spread throughout the awaiting assault force, and, after the assault, inmates were falsely accused of having committed these atrocities and subjected to torture.

Attica uprising, police killings

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 18, No. 3 (1991): 13-25


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