NGOs of the Border Encuentro



The Encounter on Globalization, Migration, and Militarization: “A Dialogue Between NGOs”

This dialogue between NGOs from the U.S. and Mexico posits a bilateral symbiosis of the causes and consequences of militarization. The report confirms disturbing trends: increased social polarization in both countries, the view of civilians as potential enemies, and the idea that in a militarized social conflict, it is appropriate to destroy the enemy (i.e., civilian populations). Tragically, the study found that militarization in Mexico has profoundly increased.

social movements, migration, border militarization, NGOs, globalization — economic aspects, human rights, immigrants — transnational migration, justice, Mexican-American border region, Mexico — Zapatista National Liberation Army [EZLN], United States — military policy

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 28, No. 2 (2001): 113-131