Policing, Detention, Deportation, and Resistance, Vol. 36: 2, 2009



Jodie Michelle Lawston and Martha Escobar, eds.

This issue of Social Justice demonstrates that imprisonment, including immigrant detention, is essential to the US drive to preserve geopolitical dominance. It examines activist efforts to resist this trend and urges the building of bridges between prison abolition and immigrant justice work. The issue brings together a multiplicity of voices that offer new insight into US carcerality and the criminalization of migrants. Articles provide valuable background information on Arizona’s recently passed legislation that makes the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and gives the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

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Jodie Michelle Lawston and Martha Escobar, Policing, Detention, Deportation, and Resistance: Situating Immigrant Justice and Carcerality in the 21st Century

Martha Escobar, Understanding the Roots of Latina Migrants’ Captivity

Dulcinea Lara, Dana Greene, and Cynthia Bejarano, A Critical Analysis of Immigrant Advocacy Tropes: How Popular Discourse Weakens Solidarity and Prevents Broad, Sustainable Justice

Jodie Michelle Lawston and Ruben R. Murillo, The Discursive Figuration of U.S. Supremacy in Narratives Sympathetic to Undocumented Immigrants

Meghan G. McDowell and Nancy A. Wonders, Keeping Migrants in Their Place: Technologies of Control and Racialized Public Space in Arizona

Daysi Diaz-Strong, Christina Gómez, María E. Luna-Duarte, Erica R. Meiners, and Luvia Valentin, Commentary: Organizing Tensions-From the Prison to the Military-Industrial Complex

Jenna Loyd, Andrew Burridge, and Matthew Mitchelson, Thinking (and Moving) Beyond Walls and Cages: Bridging Immigrant Justice and Anti-Prison Organizing in the United States

Anonymous, Some Barriers Detained Migrant Women Face

Esther Morales Guzman, Imprisonment, Deportation, and Family Separation: My American Nightmare

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