Ronnie Lippens



Hypermodernity, Nomadic Subjectivities, and Radical Democracy

Ronnie Lippens synthesizes strains of thought on forging a progressive, democratic alternative within a framework of capitalist globalization in the world system. The article examines the economic and fiscal crisis facing Belgium, the corresponding electoral advance of right-wing extremist parties in the 1990s, and the response of progressive forces to the challenge. The Brave New World of hypermodern capital is one in which ambivalence and chaos predominate and in which the theoretical tools and discourses relied upon to date by the Left have become seriously inadequate.

Belgium — politics and government, Belgium — social conditions, civilization [modern], economic history, international economic relations, left [the], politics [practical], the Left

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 25, No. 2 (1998): 16-43