Tony Platt



Desegregating Multiculturalism: Problems in the Theory and Pedagogy of Diversity Education

Platt provides a critique of the superficial nature of reforms in higher education. He analyzes how the movement toward multiculturalism has become co-opted, serving as a smokescreen for deeper structural problems like institutionalized racism. Platt poses the question: To what extent has multicultural education at the college level become an apology for inequality and segregation? He broadly reviews the contributions and contradictions of multiculturalism over the last 30 years, documenting ways in which the focus on “culture” has blurred a clear, historical understanding of racism. As Platt states, “celebrating differences is a far cry from dismantling inequalities.”

multiculturalism, diversity education, education — higher education — United States, education — multiculturalism, racism — United States

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, No. 4 (2002): 41-46