Vol. 45-4 – Penal Abolition: Challenging Boundaries



Penal Abolition: Challenging Boundaries
edited by Michael J. Coyle & Judah Schept

The present issue’s focus reflects abolition’s foundational questioning of the material boundaries of capitalist societies—borders, prisons, property—as well as the matériel of those boundaries—barbed wire, cages, fences, walls, and increasingly their electronic manifestations. Whereas some reform efforts aim to tweak the size and content of these boundaries, abolition insists that the boundaries themselves must be dismantled.
Taken together, the articles in this issue also push the boundaries of abolition itself, pointing out existing analytical limitations and exciting new directions.


Editors’ Introduction [free pdf download]
Michael J. Coyle & Judah Schept

Against Punishment: Centering Work, Wages, and Uneven Development in Mapping the Carceral State
Brett Story & Judah Schept

On (In)justice:Undisciplined Abolitionism in Canada
Nicolas Carrier & Justin Piché

The Role of Peacemaking in Penal Abolition
Hal Pepinsky

Who Is Mired in Utopia? The Logics of Criminal Justice and Penal Abolition
Michael J. Coyle

We Are All Criminals: The Abolitionist Potential of Remembering
Denise Woodall

Abolitionist Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University: Notes on Trauma-Informed Practice, Collaboration, and Confronting the Impossible
Ardath Whynacht, Emily Arsenault & Rachael Cooney

Abstracts [free pdf download]

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