Vol. 48-2 – Neoliberalism in Higher Education


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Neoliberalism in Higher Education: Practices, Policies, and Issues
edited by Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. & Rubén O. Martinez


Editors’ Introduction
Neoliberalism in Higher Education: Practices, Policies, and Issues [free pdf download]
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. & Rubén O. Martinez

Changing Higher Education in the United Kingdom: Examining Three Trends through a Neoliberal Lens
Amy Perry

A Class Production: Higher Education, the Neoliberal Metrics Fetish, and the Production of Inequality/Insecurity 
Christopher G. Robbins

“Go Big or Go Home”: University Commitment to Intercollegiate Athletics in the Neoliberal Era 
Scott N. Brook, Matthew Knudtson & Isais Smith

The Future of Undocumented Students after the Trump Administration: Crisis in Neoliberalism and Possible Outcomes for Undocumented Students 
Edwin Elias

The Multiple Strands of Neoliberalism in Higher Education’s Transformation 
Janice Newson

Has Campus Branding Become Higher Education’s Version of Fake News? 
Frank A. Fear

The Death of Critical Thinking at Neoliberal U 
Nathan Rousseau

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