Welfare and Punishment in the Bush Era, Vol. 28: 1, 2001



Gregory Shank and Tony Platt, eds.

Essays in this issue address the Bush initiative on “faith-based” welfare programs. Long-time critics of US welfare policies point to the dangers of mixing church and state in the funding and support of community-based services and look at the long-term consequences of devolution of welfare policy from the federal to state governments. Authors critique the ideological source of “compassionate conservatism” and examine current initiatives in terms of Republican electoral strategies and the labor market conditions of the New Economy. The “Multicultural Chronology” is a classroom resource that ties together past and present welfare policies.

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Editors, Issue Overview: Welfare and Punishment in the Bush Era [Free Download]

Jock Young, Ian Taylor Remembered

Gwendolyn Mink, Faith in Government?

Rickie Solinger, …But No Faith in the People

Herb Kutchins, Neither Alms Nor a Friend: The Tragedy of Compassionate Conservatism

Robert P. Weiss, Charitable Choice As Neoliberal Social Welfare Strategy

Shanta Pandey and Shannon Collier-Tenison, Welfare Reform: An Exploration of Devolution

Ingrid Phillips Whitaker and Victoria Time, Devolution and Welfare: The Social and Legal Implications of State Inequalities for Welfare Reform in the United States

Anthony M. Platt and Jenifer L. Cooreman, A Multicultural Chronology of Welfare Policy and Social Work in the United States

Anthony M. Platt, Social Insecurity: The Transformation of American Criminal Justice, 1965-2000

Sandra Bass, Policing Space, Policing Race: Social Control Imperatives and Police Discretionary Decisions

Stephen Richards and Jeffrey Ian Ross, Introducing the New School of Convict Criminology

Michael E. Schneider, A Texas Prisoner’s Reaction to Faith-Based Rehabilitation Programs

Joane Martel, Telling the Story: A Study in the Segregation of Women Prisoners

Matthew Yeager, The Ottawa Special Services Project: A Case Study in Destabilization

Leanne Fiftal Alarid and Hsiao-Ming Wang, Mercy and Punishment: Buddhism and the Death Penalty

Raúl Molina-Mejía, Review of Jonas, Of Centaurs and Doves: Guatemala’s Peace Process

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