Critical Resistance to the Prison-Industrial Complex, Vol. 27: 3, 2000


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Rose Braz et al., eds.

This special issue of Social Justice, edited by Critical Resistance, focuses on prison abolition as a goal and theme. The issue is broadly divided into system analyses and articles centering on organizing for change, that is, reports of struggles against the system and toward the realization of new visions. The first part deals with the politics of prisons and crime, as well as the interplay between immigration, militarization of the border, and the social control of Native populations. The second part examines the elements of public safety and well-being. It also includes discussions on the role of conferences in building movements and the prospects for prison abolition today. The final section offers resources in the form of selected videos, films, and pertinent web sites.

We are pleased to offer a combination of theoretically cogent articles and activist-inspired proposals for moving forward. It is a timely contribution considering public recognition of the bankruptcy of the War on Drugs as a central feature of the national crime policy, the movement away from the use of the death penalty, and the clear need to reappraise the prison-building boom in a period of constantly declining crime rates. The question is how such illogical and destructive policies could be sustained for so long; organizing is the answer, the path to its undoing.

“Congratulations on a fabulous issue.”–Julie Falk, Southland Prison News

“Great issue!”–Forrest Curo, Street Light, a monthly street paper on poverty issues in San Diego

Purchase articles (click on the author link to read the abstract and buy the pdf):

Rose Braz et al. (Guest Editors), Issue Overview

Critical Resistance Guest Editors, The History of Critical Resistance

Ed Mead, Reflections on Crime and Class

Paul Wright, The Cultural Commodification of Prisons

Mumia Abu-Jamal, The Industry of Fear

Marilyn Buck, Prisons, Social Control, and Political Prisoners

Garrett Albert Duncan, Urban Pedagogies and the Celling of Adolescents of Color

Christian Parenti, Crime As Social Control

M. Grayson L. Taylor, with Terry Kupers, Prison Psychosis

Jose Palafox, Opening Up Borderland Studies: A Review of U.S.-Mexico Border Militarization Discourse

Michael Welch, The Role of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Prison-Industrial Complex

René Francisco Poitevin, Political Surveillance, State Repression, and Class Resistance: The Puerto Rican Experience

Dian Million, Policing the Rez: Keeping No Peace in Indian Country

Margo Okazawa-Rey and Gwyn Kirk, Maximum Security

Julia Sudbury, Transatlantic Visions: Resisting the Globalization of Mass Incarceration

Cynthia Chandler and Carol Kingery, Yell Real Loud: HIV-Positive Women Prisoners Challenge Constructions of Justice

Karlene Faith, Reflections on Inside/Out Organizing

Ellen Barry, Women Prisoners on the Cutting Edge: Development of the Activist Women Prisoners’ Rights Movement

Marge Frantz, with Cassandra Shaylor, American Radical Traditions in Conference Organizing

Bo Brown, Terry Kupers, Andy Smith, and Julia Sudbury, as interviewed by Dylan Rodriguez and Nancy Stoller, Reflections on Critical Resistance

Kim Gilmore, Slavery and Prison — Understanding the Connections

Camille E.S.A. Acey, This Is an Illogical Statement: Dangerous Trends in Anti-Prison Activism

Angela Y. Davis and Dylan Rodriguez, The Challenge of Prison Abolition: A Conversation

Critical Resistance Guest Editors, Selected Documentaries

Critical Resistance Guest Editors, Recommended Websites

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