The Many Faces of Violence, Vol. 32: 2, 2005


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Gregory Shank, ed.

Each contribution to this issue of Social Justice reveals a facet of the many forms that violence takes. Given its immediacy, we often focus on the scourge of interpersonal predatory violence. Arguably, though, structural violence, including racism, and institutional violence take a greater human toll. State violence, in the form of warfare, also damages the environmental basis for sustaining all life forms, sometimes irreparably. And the death penalty continues to take innocent lives and is biased in its application.

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Gregory Shank (ed.), Introduction: The Many Faces of Violence [Free Download]

Gregory Shank, Remembering Andre Gunder Frank [includes next two articles]

Jeff Sommers, The Contradictions of a Contrarian: Andre Gunder Frank

Rod Bush, A Long Walk with Andre Gunder Frank

Tony Platt, Steve Wasserman Moves On

Tony Platt, Engaging the Past: Charles M. Goethe, American Eugenics, and Sacramento State University

Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval, Is Another World Possible, Is Another Classroom Possible? Radical Pedagogy, Activism, and Social Change

Ronald Kramer, Raymond Michalowski, and Dawn Rothe, ‘The Supreme International Crime’: How the U.S. War in Iraq Threatens the Rule of Law

Laurie Taylor, The Other Side of the Street

Jasmin Hristov, Freedom and Democracy or Hunger and Terror: Neoliberalism and Militarization in Latin America

Anthony W. Pereira and Jorge Zaverucha, The Neglected Stepchild: Military Justice and Democratic Transition in Chile

Donna Baines, Criminalizing the Care Work Zone? The Gendered Dynamics of Using Legal and Administrative Strategies to Confront Workplace Violence

Michael Lenza, David Keys, and Teresa Guess, The Prevailing Injustices in the Application of the Missouri Death Penalty (1978 to 1996)

Dennis Broe, Class, Labor, and the Homefront Detective: Hammett, Chandler, Woolrich, and the Dissident Lawman (and Woman) in 1940s Hollywood and Beyond

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