Jasmin Hristov



Freedom and Democracy or Hunger and Terror: Neoliberalism and Militarization in Latin America

Despite neoliberalism’s promises for growth, poverty alleviation, and democratic development, economic liberalization has reinforced the unequal socioeconomic structure that characterizes most Latin American societies and further weakened the position of Latin American countries in the global hierarchy of power. In response to the emergence of social movements, as well as to the working majority’s opposition to market-oriented policies, the main focus of the military apparatus under the civilian democratic regimes of the 1990s has continued to be “elimination of the internal enemy.” This article exposes the increased militarization, state-sanctioned violence, and repression that have accompanied consolidation in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico due to neoliberal policies.

neoliberalism, militarization, state-sanctioned violence, poverty, human rights violations, North-South relations

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 32, No. 2 (2005): 89-114.


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