Déborah Berman Santana



Resisting Toxic Militarism: Vieques Versus the U.S. Navy

Berman Santana casts the U.S. military as the most egregious domestic polluter, subject to less oversight, regulation, and sanction than any other toxic criminal. It is the main energy consumer, generates far more toxic waste per year than the top three chemical companies, and most of the nuclear waste. The essay centers on antimilitary movements linked to issues of environmental and social justice. The clearest example is the grass-roots struggle to oblige the U.S. Navy to stop bombing Vieques, Puerto Rico, and to clean up and return the lands for community directed, ecologically and socially sustainable use.

social movements, militarism, Navy, environmental harm, environmental protection — environmental racism, environmental protection — United States, protests [demonstrations, etc.], Vieques Island [Puerto Rico]

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, Nos. 1-2 (2002): 37-47