Lama Jamjoun



The Effects of Israeli Violations During the Second Uprising “Intifada” on Palestinian Health Conditions

Jamjoun explores issues of human rights and international law in the context of the Palestinian intifada. The article documents morbidity and mortality within the Palestinian community in the wake of Israeli violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including disrespect for the principle of medical neutrality, the use of collective punishment measures against Palestinian civilians, and the use of excessive, disproportionate, and indiscriminate force to combat the Palestinian intifada. Israeli violations have resulted in the destruction of the Palestinian health system and the deterioration of health conditions of Palestinians. Jamjoun calls for “respect for international law and the presence of an international protection force to prevent a humanitarian crisis in the region,” so as to provide a framework to protect the human rights of all people in the region.

Middle East, Intifada, Israel, Palestinian health conditions, human rights, international law

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, No. 3 (2002): 53-72