Lisa M. Poupart



Crime and Justice in American Indian Communities

Poupart examines the ways in which the historical domination and oppression of American Indians by Western nations perpetuates crime and injustice in American Indian communities. The social ills devastating American Indian communities today — alcoholism, family violence, incest, sexual assault, and homicide — were practically nonexistent in tribal communities before the European invasion. Poupart argues that the domination and oppression of American Indian Nations have brought about economic deprivation, loss of tribal sovereignty and increased dependency, internalized oppression, unresolved historical grief, and the normalization of violence, all of which contribute to crime in Indian communities today. She also alludes to the ways in which corporate America has polluted reservation air, land, and drinking water.

Native American, crime among Native Americans, genocide, Indians of North America — criminal justice, Indians of North America — history

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, Nos. 1-2 (2002): 144-159