Race, Security, and Social Movements, Vol. 30: 1, 2003



Gregory Shank (coord.)

This issue took shape during the buildup to the Bush administration’s preemptive war against Iraq and the worldwide mobilization against it. Its contents appropriately reflect a longer view of US militarism and populist nationalism, the criminalization and repression of domestic dissent, and the movements that have challenged the power arrangements that sustain American structures of inequality. Discussed are the extraordinary changes that have taken place within the repressive state apparatus since September 11, 2001, the cultural expressions of patriotism that inform and justify the rollback of post-Watergate reforms and chilling of civil liberties, as well as the cultural roots of US interventionism in America’s history of racism and colonial expansion. Authors look at the labor movement, the Black Freedom Struggle, the Fuerza Unida, the civil rights of the homeless, and the restorative justice and community policing movements. This issue is 270 pages long.

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Gregory Shank, Introduction: Race, Security, and Social Movements

Tony Platt and Cecilia O’Leary, Patriot Acts

Dennis Broe, Class, Crime, and Film Noir: Labor, the Fugitive Outsider, and the Anti-Authoritarian Tradition

Rod Bush, The Civil Rights Movement and the Continuing Struggle for the Redemption of America

Asafa Jalata, Comparing the African American and Oromo Movements in the Global Context

Steve Martinot, The Cultural Roots of Interventionism in the U.S.

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Rubén Martinez, The Diversity Rationale in Higher Education: An Overview of the Contemporary Legal Context

Kara Zugman, Political Consciousness and New Social Movement Theory: The Case of Fuerza Unida

Andrew Woolford and R.S. Ratner, Nomadic Justice? Restorative Justice on the Margins of Law

Randall Amster, Patterns of Exclusion: Sanitizing Space, Criminalizing Homelessness

Barry Goetz and Roger Mitchell, Community-Building and Reintegrative Approaches to Community Policing: The Case of Drug Control

Dario Melossi, A New Edition of Punishment and Social Structure Thirty-Five Years Later: A Timely Event

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