Resisting State Criminality, Vol. 36: 3, 2009


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Dawn L. Rothe, ed.

This issue of Social Justice is dedicated to resisting crimes of the state. It explores an area of scholarship that has received little attention to date: the role that acts of resistance could or do play in efforts to control or constrain the criminality of states. Authors examine some of the most egregious and systemic crimes, from genocide, mass murder, and environmental catastrophes, to the ongoing bombing of civilians. One of the most disheartening lessons of history is that active forms of resistance to such crimes of states, by those who potentially could engage in one or another form, are not the norm. Contributors explore the most useful mechanisms available for reversing this pattern of impunity.

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Dawn L. Rothe, Introduction: Resisting State Criminality [Free Download]

David O. Friedrichs, On Resisting State Crime: Conceptual and Contextual Issues

Jeffrey Ian Ross, Resisting the Carceral State: Prisoner Resistance from the Bottom Up

Rob White, Environmental Victims and Resistance to State Crime Through Transnational Activism

Wayne Morrison, Atrocity and the Power of the Image

Ronald C. Kramer, Resisting the Bombing of Civilians: Challenges from a Public Criminology of State Crime

Peter Iadicola, Controlling Crimes of Empire

Dawn L. Rothe, Exploring Post-Resistance to State Criminality: Realpolitik Versus Ideology

Owen Anderson, Review of Rothe, State Criminality

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