Adel Samara



Globalization, the Palestinian Economy, and the “Peace Process”

Adel Samara characterizes efforts to “normalize” the situation in the Middle East so that “business as usual” can resume as quickly as possible. The article argues that the Oslo peace accords are entirely based on neoliberal assumptions that are shared by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli state. Areas of the West Bank and Gaza under the jurisdiction of the PA remain dominated by Israeli economic policies and subordinate to prescriptions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Samara urges the PA to delink from the Israeli economy as quickly as possible and to give priority to “food security, basic needs, and the protection of independent producers, especially those cultivating the land,” as happened during the intifada when investments were directed toward survival needs.

Middle East, globalization — economic aspects; Israeli-Palestinian conflict — peace process; Israel — foreign relations — Palestinian Arabs; Palestine — economic conditions; Palestine — economic development

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 27, No. 4 (2000): 117-131