Alejandro Álvarez Bejar



Tribute to Alonso Aguilar Monteverde: Ten Key Policies for Understanding the Neoliberal Transformation of Mexican Capitalism

This tribute to teacher and social activist, Alonso Aguilar Monteverde, outlines crucial aspects of the neoliberal transformation of the Mexican socioeconomic system. Among the changes are aspects of the operation of capitalism in Mexico the political synthesis between economic crisis and neoliberal reforms, the toll budgetary austerity took on social spending, wage restraint and head-on combat with labor unions, the extreme polarization of wealth issuing from privatization and other fiscal policies, the intensive and coordinated use of the mass media in support of this political current, institutional reform of the state via decentralization, the use of pacts to forge political cohesion between the leaders of business organizations and sectors of urban and rural workers, the use of state violence, profound changes in capital/wage-labor relations, and the accentuation of the parasitism of finance capital in Mexico (and in the world).

state-monopoly capitalism, privatization, foreign investment, financial crisis, paramilitarization

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 42, No. 1 (2015): 107-115


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