Alejandro Molina



Cyberspace: The “Color Line” of the 21st Century

In this essay, Molina asserts that the social direction of technology continues to be alarming — militaristic, intrusive, and with enormous potential for abuse. Furthermore, the struggle for human rights shapes, and is partially shaped in, cyberspace. Characteristic are the gathering and centralizing of information, enhancing existing relationships between repressive agencies, the dropping of bureaucratic borders between states, law-enforcement agencies, and right-wing movements, as well as increasing cooperation in the drafting of policy and strategy between European governments and the U.S. in the planning of repression against dissent and resistance movements. The author pays special attention to how prisons are now being used to advance repressive technologies.

prison surveillance, human rights, Internet, political persecution, technology, law enforcement, activism, intelligence gathering

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 30, No. 2 (2003): 143-149