Anthony M. Platt and Jenifer L. Cooreman



A Multicultural Chronology of Welfare Policy and Social Work in the United States

This chronology is a classroom resource that is especially useful for revealing the interconnections between past and present welfare policies. It is designed to introduce future social workers to significant events, policies, people, and publications in the history of welfare policy and social work in the United States. Drawing upon the richly complex literature that has been generated by post-1960s historians, this chronology reflects the debates and conflicts that have taken place about the effectiveness and equity of welfare policies, about the ethical and unethical conduct of the profession, and about whose ideas and interests speak for social work. Issues of race and racism, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality are central to the chronology’s perspective.

social welfare, welfare policy — United States, poverty, public welfare — United States, racism, sexism, social classes — United States, social work — history

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 28, No. 1 (2001): 91-137