Diane F. Reed and Edward L. Reed




Children of Incarcerated Parents

Diane and Edward Reed alert us to the plight of the five million children who are victimized by the criminalization of their parents. Often they lose one or both of their parents, their homes, and all that anchors them; many respond with sadness, withdrawal, depression, diminished school performance, alcohol and drug use, and aggressive behavior, thus setting themselves up to be the next generation of incarcerated parents. This hidden population of traumatized children and youth is increasing in number, as trends in criminal “justice” punish even minor offenses with incarceration. The Reeds faithfully document the extent, causes, and effects of the plight of these children, describe the few programs that offer some solutions, and outline the need for more attentive, relevant, and effective policies.

child custody, child welfare, children, family policy, prisoners, families of

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 24, No. 3 (1997): 152-169