East Asia-U.S. Women’s Network Against Militarism



International Women’s Summit to Redefine Security: Final Statement

The Network issued a statement following an international women’s gathering in Okinawa, in June 2000, that preceded the G-8 Summit there. The purpose of the meeting was “to challenge the principle of ‘national security’ on which the economic policies of the G-8 are based.” Participants argued that the current economic system depends on deep-seated attitudes and relationships characterized by greed, fear, domination, and the objectification of “others” expressed through racism, sexism, imperialism, and the desire to control the physical environment. Vested interests, routine ways of thinking, prejudice, ignorance, and inertia also play their part in maintaining entrenched systems of economic, social, and political inequality.

war and peace, military and defense issues, insecurity; United States — foreign relations — Japan; militarism

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 27, No. 4 (2000): 164-166