Elízabeth Martínez




Affirming Women’s Rights

Elizabeth Martínez identifies women as key to combating the right-wing assault on equality of opportunity. To date, an estimated six million women have benefited from affirmative action policies on the job. Some five million “minorities” have benefited, a figure that includes women. Although women of color have experienced more meager gains relative to white women, not surprisingly, 65% of “nonwhite” women surveyed wished to keep affirmative action: they are the single largest group in favor. According to the author, when women of color have doubts, it is often due to the perception that affirmative action has benefited white women at the expense of men of color. The article includes a “Resource” section that informs the reader of other available information geared to women and affirmative action.

women’s rights; affirmative action

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 22, No. 3 (1995): 64-66


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