Julia Sudbury



A World Without Prisons: Resisting Militarism, Globalized Punishment, and Empire

Author Julia Sudbury articulates the tactics and strategies of a new round of progressive activism and makes connections between neoliberal globalization, U.S. empire building, and the rise of the prison-industrial complex. Sudbury systematically attacks the notion that the prison-building boom is a mechanism of social defense operating in the public interest. She links the transnational expansion of the prison-industrial complex to the social devastation caused by U.S. foreign intervention and militarism in Latin America during the past four decades, to the criminalization of African diasporic, indigenous, and immigrant populations — leading to a rise in cross-border incarceration — and to exponential rate of growth of women’s imprisonment, which in most nations has outstripped that of men.

prison-industrial complex, women, global system

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 31, Nos. 1-2 (2004): 9-30