Paul Almeida and Erica Walker



The Pace of Neoliberal Globalization: A Comparison of Three Popular Movement Campaigns in Central America

This article compares the impact of three protest campaigns against the implementation of neoliberal policies in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The policies include changes in national pension plans, reductions in university budgets, and a new sales tax. The relative success of the campaigns is measured by whether the policy was implemented. Special attention is given to the degree of public opinion support, mobilizing multiple constituencies, and alignments with strong oppositional political parties and the way these conditions combine to produce distinct protest campaigns. These popular mobilizations offer important lessons for similar movements in the global South that are struggling against unwanted economic changes associated with deepening neoliberal globalization in the 21st century.

social movements, neoliberal, globalization, Central America, global South, coalitions, policy, resistance

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 33, No. 3 (2006): 175-190