Alejandro Alvarez Béjar



Global Economic Crisis and Social Movements in Mexico and North America

Alvarez highlights modalities of social resistance in Mexico at the national and regional levels, taking into consideration the current phase of the global capitalist crisis. The author first identifies the characteristic features of the global crisis of neoliberal capitalism. He then discusses the significance of redefining strategies of struggle from a regional perspective, i.e., considering North America as an enlarged economic zone that is also in the process of shaping a growing community identity on the part of workers. He describes the double interplay of economic relations and the multiplicity of individual transborder contacts that contribute to a cultural resistance that is a byproduct of massive migrant displacements forced by neoliberal policies.

Mexican social movements, global crisis of neoliberal capitalism, hemispheric strategies, cultural resistance, migration

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 42, Nos. 3-4 (2015): 237-251


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