Simone Weil Davis, with Bruce Michaels



Ripping Off Some Room for People to “Breathe Together”: Peer-to-Peer Education in Prison

This article examines the construction of alliances against the dehumanizing effects of the prison-industrial complex by prison educators and their incarcerated peers. It argues that outside allies and faculty who work in higher-education prison programs affiliated with a university need to learn from and work with educators inside. In the face of the mid-1990s squelching of prison postsecondary programs on both sides of the US-Canada border, long-swollen incarceration rates (now growing in Canada), and today’s slashed programming budgets, North American outside groups affiliated with universities are developing higher-education prison programs.

prison, higher education

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 42, No. 2 (2015): 146-158


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