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Critical Criminologies of the Present and Future: Left Realism, Left Idealism, and What’s Left In Between
Eric Madfis & Jeffrey Cohen

(Stop) Deporting Pegah: Sovereignty, (Public) Sex, and (Life)/Death
Azar Masoumi

Rewriting Torture: Manufacturing a Primer of Abuse in US Domestic Prisons
Susan A. Phillips

Categories of State Control: Asylum Seekers and the Direct Provision and Dispersal System in Ireland
Steven Loyal & Stephen Quilley

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Review Symposium: 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement, by Keramet Reiter 

Anxiety and the Racialized Logic of Mass Incarceration in California
Francisco Diaz Casique

A Released Prisoner’s Perspective on 23/7
Steven Czifra

Losing Direction
Mariposa McCall

Four Important Lessons from 23/7
Franklin E. Zimring

Response: Retaking the Archive of Knowledge about Solitary Confinement
Keramet Reiter

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Review of Phil Goodman, Joshua Page & Michelle Phelps, Breaking the Pendulum: The Long Struggle over Criminal Justice
Justin Piché [free pdf download]

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