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This issue brings together articles on prisoner reentry, judicial override in capital cases, self-determination for African descendants in Brazil, reintegrating deported migrants in Jamaica, the global war on drugs, and the Chilean New Song movement.


“Punishment’s Twin”: Theorizing Prisoner Reentry for a Politics of Abolition
Renée M. Byrd

The Problem of Explanation: Understanding the Scandal of Judicial Override in Capital Cases
Paul Kaplan, Kerry Dunn, and Shannon Jackson

Brazil Recognizes the Right to Self-Determination for African Descendants: Is It a Path the United States Could Follow?
Ruth Needleman

Rights and Reintegrating Deported Migrants for National Development: The Jamaican Model
Bernard Headley and Dragan Milovanovic

The Mass Incarceration of Nations and the Global War on Drugs: Comparing the United States’ Domestic and Foreign Drug Policies
Daniel Patten

Book Review: Patrice McSherry, Chilean New Song: The Political Power of Music, 1960s–1973
Steven S. Volk

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In Memoriam: Nancy Stein Frappier (1947–2016)

Celebrating Nancy Stein Frappier: A Lifetime for Social Justice and Human Kindness
Susanne Jonas [free pdf download]

A Celebration of Nancy Stein Frappier
Jon Frappier [free pdf download]

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