The Possible Futures of the US under Trump

Critical scholars, experts, and activists reflect on the possible impacts of Trump’s election on a variety of social justice issues.

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• 21st-CENTURY FASCISM AND RESISTANCE (published Friday, Jan. 20)

Rachel Herzing & Isaac Ontiveros, Study for Struggle: Weaponizing Theory for the Fights Ahead

William I. Robinson, Trumpism, 21st-Century Fascism, and the Dictatorship of the Transnational Capitalist Class

WOMEN’S ISSUES & REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS (published Thursday, Jan. 19)

Carol Mukhopadhyay, Gender and Trump

HEALTH CARE (published Thursday, Jan. 19)

Thomas Bodenheimer, Trump’s Health Care Agenda

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (published Wednesday, Jan. 18)

Gregory Shank, Some Aspects of the Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy

Clifford Welch, Latin America vs. Trump

WELFARE POLICY (published Tuesday, Jan. 17)

Gwendolyn Mink, The End of Welfare?

Tina Sacks, Death by a Thousand Budget Cuts: The Need for a New Fight for Poor People’s Rights

IMMIGRATION POLICY (published Monday, Jan. 16)

Ray Michalowski, Donald Trump and Immigration: A Few Predictions

Marla Ramirez, The “Immigrant Problem”: A Historical Review and the New Impacts under Trump

LGBTQ POLITICS (published Friday, Jan. 13)

Clare Sears, A Queer Exemption? What Trump’s Presidency Means for LGBTQ Politics

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY (published Thursday, Jan. 12)

Michael Lynch et al., Social Justice, Environmental Destruction, and the Trump Presidency: A Criminological View
Jordan Mazurek, Orange is the New Green: The Environmental Justice Implications of Trump’s EPA

RACE & RACISM (published Wednesday, Jan. 11)

Jason Williams, Donald Trump and Race 

LABOR & CLASS (published Tuesday, Jan. 10)

Colin Jenkins, Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Bracing for Trump’s Anti-Worker, Corporate Agenda

PENAL POLITICS (published Monday, Jan. 9)

Michelle Brown, Punishment and Policing in the Trump Era
Alessandro De Giorgi, Neoliberal Authoritarianism: Notes on Penal Politics in Trump’s America

Statement of the SJ Editorial Board on the 2016 Election


5 thoughts on “The Possible Futures of the US under Trump

  1. – wanting to focus on how to use this passage of time to reassess the basic values, morals and politics of progressives; how to reinvent and upgrade what the idea of America is beyond the dream phase.
    While we have won some cultural victories or are well on our way, we have not reached any kind of Sanity about the role of money in our lives.

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