Robert Ackermann




Crime and Individuality

Robert Ackermann’s lively review of Harold Pepinsky’s The Geometry of Violence and Democracy notes that in defining crime as a politically arbitrary subset of violence, Pepinsky has written a powerful and moving book that explains the apparent irrelevance of much of what is normally considered criminology and offers the prospect of a genuinely new approach to studies of crime. Indeed, like Lippons. Pepinsky appeals to the search for possible utopias, but stresses hat there are no ultimate solutions. There are only attempts to make peace and subordinate tendencies toward war. Following the review is Pepinsky’s response, in which he shares his personal views and doubts on the prospects for resolving the cycles of violence in which human beings are caught.

book review, social theory; criminology; individual and society, Pepinsky, Harold

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 22, No. 1 (1995): 139-144


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