Defending Rights and Just Futures in the Real World Order, Vol. 25: 2, 1998



Gregory Shank (coord.)

This issue demonstrates the interplay between world-systems theory, radical criminology, and human and civil rights struggles. Contributions emphasize theoretical concerns and implications for praxis and policy. Overarching themes concern the need to formulate imaginative global and local alternatives that take into account the shifting sands of historical advances in civil and political rights. Authors warn that a permanent “war” footing in social policy (such as the wars on drugs and crime) can have a destructive effect on democracy and the right to dissent, and that wide-scale criminalization can fracture existing and potential opposition movements.

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Gregory Shank, Introduction to ‘Defending Rights and Just Futures’ [Free Download]

Dave Broad, New World Order Versus Just World Order

Ronnie Lippens, Hypermodernity, Nomadic Subjectivities, and Radical Democracy: Roads Through Ambivalent Clews

Julia Rothenberg and Andreas Heinz, Meddling with Monkey Metaphors — Capitalism and the Threat of Impulsive Desires

Joseph Miranda, War or Pseudo-War?

Matthew Knoester, War in Colombia

Michael Huspek, Roberto Martinez, and Leticia Jimenez, Violations of Human and Civil Rights on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1995-1997: A Report

Alberto Arenas, Education and Nationalism in East Timor

Melissa Barlow, Race and the Problem of Crime in Time and Newsweek Cover Stories, 1946 to 1995

Cathleen Burnett, Frivolous Claims by the Attorney General

William Preston, Jr., A New Story of Civil Liberty in the United States

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