Christie D. Batson, Barbara G. Brents, Candace Griffith, and Robert Futrell




The Foreclosure Crisis and Neighborhood Sentiments: Learning from Las Vegas

The economic crisis has brought new questions to our understanding of the relationship between urban disorder and residents’ connections to the neighborhoods in which they live. Our study examines neighborhood foreclosure rates with residents’ sentiments and evaluations of their neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the hardest hit urban areas in terms of the economic crisis. Compared to residents with lower rates of foreclosure, residents who live in high-foreclosure neighborhoods report lower quality of life, lower neighborhood satisfaction, greater physical disorder, and more crime. Although residents living in high foreclosure neighborhoods report less attachment to their neighborhood, they do not report less attachment to their city.

foreclosure, neighborhoods, quality of life, neighborhood satisfaction, Las Vegas, physical disorder

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 40, No. 3 (2013): 28-47


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